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The Forgotten Crypt of Mercian Kings - St. Wystan's Church Repton, England

One of the absolutely most incredibly places I have ever been is to the Crypt at St. Wystan’s Church. Beneath the church lies a crypt that at one time held the great kings and royalty of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia. People would come here by the thousands just to be able to be in the presence of the bones of those who were buried within. It was so popular that the crypt had to be altered with stairs in and stairs out so there could be an orderly procession for people coming on pilgrimage.

It wasn't until 1779 when workman who was digging a new grave in the chancel literally fell through the floor and into the crypt. No one had any idea that it had ever been there. 

This is a video of the crypt, the story of those that were buried there, how it was forgotten, and finally found again.

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