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The Death of King John and the Opening of His Tomb

Disney's Robin Hood may be one of my favorite movies of all time. I can sing every song in it by heart, and Hiss, John's side kick, is my super favorite.

King John, often branded as the worst king in English history. Was he truly the villain that history remembers, or has his story been unfairly tainted? This video explores the life and legacy of the man behind the myth, from his portrayal as a Disney villain in Robin Hood to the real-life controversies that plagued his rule. Discover the truth about King John’s character traits, his battles with the Pope, the loss of his empire, and the civil war that ravaged England under his rule. Uncover the significance of the Magna Carta and its impact on limiting the king’s power. Follow the final days of King John’s life, his painful death, and the mysterious fate of his remains.

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