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Mary Queen of Scots Trail: FALKLAND PALACE

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Today it is an incredibly special day. It is Mary Queen of Scots 480th birthday!! To celebrate, we are airing our very first episode of our Mary Queen of Scots Trail: Following in her Footsteps. We start our trail just before Mary is born at Falkland Palace where her father, James V died just 6 days after she was born. I tell you all about the events that would shape the beginning of Mary's life and what sort of political state Scotland was in when she inherited the throne.

This has been the most ambitious project that I have ever embarked on...and I had no idea how much I would learn and how many friends I would gain along the way. We have two more episodes that I am editing as we speak- so get ready to learn all about the life of Mary Queen of Scots at all the amazing places that she went.

We had gorgeous weather conditions and the autumn leaf colour was in its full resplendent glory.

I hope you enjoy!

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